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Fall Meeting Philadelphia PBC, Big Spring, TX
October 12-14, 2007

10/12/2007 Evening Stephen's Example of Evangelism Acts 6:5 - Elder Billy Lawrence
10/12/2007 Evening Peter's Prescription for Joy in the Midst of Trials 1Peter 3:12 - Elder Jeff Harris
10/13/2007 Morning Jesus Christ and Him Crucified 1Cor 2:2 - Elder Tom Taylor
10/13/2007 Morning God's Waiting Room Ps 62:1 -  Elder Jeff Harris
10/13/2007 Afternoon Colossians Chapter 3:The Bible Within the Bible - Elder Billy Lawrence
10/13/2007 Afternoon What is True Repentance 2Cor 7:10 - Elder Jeff Harris
10/13/2007 Evening Patience in the Midst of Tribulation James 1:3 - Elder Jeff Harris
10/13/2007 Morning This Generation's Crisis of Confidence - Elder Jeff Harris









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