Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Ps 119:105

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The Old School Baptist Web Site - Dedicated to the Lord's People Known as the Primitive Baptists
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Articles and More

Doctrinal Articles

All the Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament 4/25/2007
Calvinism + Arminianism = Fullerism Edit 10/14/2006
God's Sovereignty Over Man's Depravity 10/1/2006
Must One Believe to "Be Saved?" 10/1/2006
Primitive Baptist Doctrine - Compiled By The Banner of Love - 1946
Edit 10/10/2006
Should Christians Worship on Saturday or Sunday? 9/4/2008
The Perseverance of God's Preserving Grace - By Elder Jimmy Barber
Thou Shalt Be Saved  - An Exposition of Romans 10:9
Two Old and Honored Friends

 - Primitive Baptists have always held to the 1689 London C. of F.

Final Perseverance of the Saints - By Elder William Vanhorn
What Do You Think of Election? 10/1/2006
When Was Jesus Born? 7/19/2008
Who is meant by "World" in John 3:16? 7/29/2008

Bible Study Outlines

Doctrine of Grace 5/8/2008
The Five Phases of Salvation 5/8/2008
Undeniable Doctrinal Truths That Primitive Baptists Believe -By Elder Zack Guess

Confessions of Faith

1644 London Baptist Confession of Faith (1646 Edition) 10/1/2006
1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith 10/1/2006
Comparison of 1689 London Baptist with 1646 Westminster Confessions of Faith 10/22/2006
Comparison of 1644 Chapter 3 With 1689 Chapter 3 of God's  Decree London Baptist Confessions of Faith Edit 10/1/2006
Comparison of 1644 Chapter 23 With 1689 Chapter 17 Of The Perseverance of the Saints London Baptist Confessions of Faith 10/25/2006

History Books

Baptist History Vindicated  - By John T. Christian, 1899
Historical Documents  
The Kehukee Declaration - 1827 6/4/2009
The Black Rock Address - 1832 6/4/2009


Daily Devotions 10/1/2006

Foreign Evangelism

My Trip to India Dec 2002 10/1/2006
India Trip April 20-29, 2008 5/4/2008





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